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Bolognese Sauce

By November 18, 2021January 27th, 2022Beef, Pasta, Recipes
Bolognese sauce

Serves 6-8

Prep time | 15 minutes
Cooking time | 4-5 hours in a slow cooker or 2 hours on stove top

Bolognese Sauce | this is such a versatile recipe – we usually make a double batch as it freezes so well.  Not only great with the traditional spaghetti, this is lovely on baked potatoes with sour cream, or baked into a puff pastry parcel.


• 1 tsp olive oil
• 2 brown onions
• 2 cloves garlic
• 500g beef mince
• 500g pork mince
• 2 x 810g tins crushed tomatoes
• 1 tablespoon dried oregano leaves
• 2 tablespoons sugar
• 1 teaspoon salt


1. In a large non-stick chef’s pan, heat olive oil over a medium heat. Add garlic and onion and stir until soft but not brown.

2. Add mince to the pan and brown. Using a wooden spoon, make sure you get rid of any lumps in the mince. If you have a slow cooker, put the mince in along with the tomatoes, oregano, sugar and salt.

3. Simmer uncovered on the high setting for 4-5 hours, stirring occasionally. The sauce initially appears quite runny and not a very rich colour. As it cooks and reduces, it achieves a thick consistency and a beautiful red colour. You will know when it’s ready – it becomes very aromatic.

NOTE | To do the recipe on the stove top is equally effective but you need to make sure it doesn’t burn on the bottom of the pot. Keep it over a very low heat uncovered, and stir it frequently for around 2 hours.

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