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Salmon Fillet with Lemon Caper Butter

By October 1, 2021January 21st, 2022Fish & Seafood, Recipes
Salmon Fillet with Lemon Caper Butter

Serves 4

Prep time | 5 minutes
Cooking time | 10 minutes

I have used a skinless fillet in this recipe, but a fillet with the skin on is lovely too – just make sure you cook the skin side first until it is golden and crispy.


• 50g butter
• 1 teaspoon olive oil
• 4 x 180g fresh salmon fillets
• sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
• 2 teaspoons butter
• 1 tablespoon lemon juice
• 2 tablespoons baby capers, rinsed
• 1 tablespoon chopped chives


1. Heat a large, non-stick fry pan over medium high heat. Add olive oil and half the butter. When the butter is frothing, place the salmon in the pan for about 3 minutes, or until golden. Season with a little salt and pepper.

2. Turn the fish and cook for a further minute or two, seasoning the other side as well. Actual cooking time will depend on the thickness of the fish and also how well done you like it to be. Remove the fish from the pan and rest under foil.

3. Add the remaining butter to the pan and when it is starting to brown, add the capers and lemon juice. Serve the fish with the lemon caper butter served over the top. Scatter with chives.

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