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Naughty and nice – two of my breakfast favourites

By August 26, 2011April 30th, 2017Breakfast, Recipes

We have been busily planning our chook run and can’t wait to have our own happy birds laying for us.  So we were excited when last weekend a friend gave us some eggs that her chooks had laid.  I love a good fresh egg, and decided that these eggs deserved nothing less than to be a part of the full cooked country style breakfast.

So I sautéed bacon, mushrooms and whole tomatoes, and fried up some potato rosti • click here for this recipe

Keeping all of those things warm, I then gently fried the eggs sunny side up.

The yolks of freshly laid eggs are a gorgeous sunny yellow and have a rich flavour and thick, saucy texture.  When cracked into a frypan or poaching water, the whites hold their shape.  (This is in contrast to store-bought cage eggs, with thin watery yolks and whites that disappear in poaching water and run all over a frypan.  Happy chooks lay lovely eggs.  But that’s a rant for another time…)

Served with some beautiful Turkish toast and real butter, and accompanied by one of Mick’s brilliant coffees, we thoroughly enjoyed our brekky on the back deck.  A perfect start to a sunny, chilly weekend.

Of course, it’s not an everyday breakfast, unless you have arteries of steel and plenty of time in the mornings.

A healthier treat which can be ready to go, is stewed fruit with yoghurt and muesli.  (I keep hearing Kath from Kath and Kim saying “yoggit and MOO-sli”)

Apples and rhubarb are in season at the moment, so that’s my fruit of choice • click here for this recipe

It’s easy to make up a big batch and keep it in the fridge, ready for a quick getaway in the morning.  And the best thing about it, is that even though it’s healthy it’s a little bit like having dessert for breakfast.

So now you know – the devil that sits on my left shoulder loves a good fry-up for breakfast on the weekend, and the angel that sits on my right shoulder insists that I look after myself for the rest of the week.  Fortunately they both agree, breakfast has to be delicious!

• click here for the Potato Rosti recipe

• click here for the Stewed Apple and Rhubarb with Yoghurt and Muesli recipe

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  • Dear Juiie
    I live in Holland and I folowed the masterchef of 2009 this last half year.
    on tv. Every day one hour of learing and enjoying the australian style of cooking and also how the whole croup was a nice couple of very loving friends. And finnaly when you win, we cried with you . You are a very special person. We could see that you are a very warm person and that cooking for your family is showing your love and giving warmth at home.
    I wrote a lot in my recepiebook from the masterclasses and tried a lot.
    My family (husband,3 girls 15,13,8 and one boy 11) loves it. I bought your book on a longweekendtrip in London in April. It’s still not in the Dutch language. I heve a shop in all sort of breadmix en also for baking
    but in our old farm(not used as a farm anymore) we are rebuilding a bigger shop and i became dealer of the AGA. We wil give workshops and demonstrations, although i have to learn a lot still. Now the the mastertchef of 2011 started and we folowing it now for to learn more.
    I saw that you wrote already a new book so I will google and may be i can get the English version in Holland.Sorry for my poor english.
    I will follow your blog and wissing you a lot happy cckingmoments.
    Love Louise.