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Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Pine Nuts

APRIL | I’m excited that the winter veggies are starting to creep back onto the “in season” list (with the possible exception of brussels sprouts… I know, I know.. all you sprouts fans, bear with me as I explore one of the ONLY foods I struggle to eat…) | Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Pine Nuts Recipe

It’s also a funny time of year in terms of weather as it jumps from cool back to hot as the seasons try to sort themselves out. The garden is behaving a bit oddly in the weather too. Our passion fruit vine is like a scene from Day of the Triffids, it’s taking over everything and is loaded with huge green passion fruit which seem determined not to ripen. When they do, look out, there will be a load of passion fruit recipes. In the meantime – what about cooking with quinces?

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